Each type of content that you can add to a page of your website, we’ve built into what we call bloqs. There are about thirty to choose from including text, image, video, events, map, and more. To see the full list, edit a page and click on the “add bloq” button at the top. When you choose a bloq to add, an icon will appear that you can then drag and drop into a column.

The software is designed to help you visualize the page as you are building it, and you can click on the “view” link at the top to see the page as it will look to anyone who sees it online. To edit content on a page, hover over the content area and you will see the three green dots that appear in the top right corner. When you click on them, you will see a number of options in a list. The first option is to edit that bloq. You will also find an option to copy that bloq which is a quick way to make a duplicate whenever you want to add new content that is formatted in the same way.

When you edit a page, hover your mouse over some content, and click on the three green dots in the top right corner, there are two options on the list that appears for making changes to the entire section or container. When you hover over those two options, the software will indicate which bloqs are included in that section or container. If you click on one of those options to edit the section or container, you will then see links to add a new section or container either above or below the one that is already on the page. Once you get the hang of adding containers and sections, you will begin to see how useful they are for creating interesting page layouts.