This bloq displays a banner area with images that rotate through it.


There are three preset sizes to choose from or you can set a custom size (maximum height and width of 1600 pixels).  You can upload your own images or you can select from the selection available through the library. All of the images will be cropped to fit the dimensions you set for the size of the bloq.


Click on the "add new slide" button and then on the "add" link to choose an image.  You can upload your own images or you can click "Choose From Library" and then click on the tabs at the top to find a wide variety of available images.


After you select the image you want to use, you will see an image editor that will allow you to add a text layer over the image.  To do so, click on the "+" on the left.  You can then drag and drop the text to position it.


After you save the image, you can click on the "edit" link next to the "links" label to make the slide link to something (page, form, document, video, etc.).  Click on the "Add Link Area" button.  The area will cover the entire image by default, but you can resize the area if you click and drag the lower right corner.  You can have multiple links on different areas of the image.


Each slide in the showcase can be scheduled to appear on specific dates and then be removed after that time. That allows you to set a start date and end date when the slide is visible on the website.


You can change the order of the slides by dragging and dropping them in the list under the "Content" tab.


Click on the "Display Settings" tab to adjust the time between transitions and to customize the bloq.  You will rarely need to change the scaling of the bloq because that is typically done automatically using the default setting, but the "automatically fit to width" option is another good choice.

Use the "ALIGNMENT" tab to add a little margin between the Showcase bloq and other content on the page.  Click "save" at the bottom when you are finished.