This bloq places an online prayer request form that people can use to submit prayer requests.  They can choose if they want their request to be shared publicly on the website or kept private.

There are check boxes for the type of information you want to collect with the form.  None of the fields are required to submit the form. You will also see a check box that will allow you to have prayer requests posted to the website automatically without the need to approve each one.  However, we do not recommend checking that box.

You need to enter an email address where the form responses will be sent to. You can enter more than one email address by separating them with a comma.

When someone does submit a prayer request using the form, you will need to log into your account and then click on the "Prayer Requests" tab to approve or archive the request.

Use the "ALIGNMENT" tab to add a little margin between the Prayer bloq and other content on the page. Click "save" at the bottom when you are finished.