The Contact Info bloq displays the important information and Google Map for people to be able to find your location and easily reach you through phone or email.

This bloq only uses the standard U.S. address format. If your location is an address outside of the U.S., consider using the Text Editor bloq instead to display the address correctly.

Type the name of the organization and the address for the Google Map.  You can customize the map or remove the map when you click the "Map Options" tab.

You can add up to 5 types of contact items to the bloq by clicking on the "Contacts" tab.  The most common is phone numbers.  You can enter a label before the phone number (e.g. office or mobile).  You can also add email addresses and links.  When you add either of those, you may not need to use the label, but you might want to use the Alternate text so you can hide the email address or URL, but they can click on the Alternate text for the link.  For the email address, make sure the only thing you type is the email address in the field that says "Mail To Address" otherwise the link will not work. You can drag and drop the contact items to reorder them.

Use the "ALIGNMENT" tab to add a little margin between the content and other content on the page.  Click "save" at the bottom when you are finished.