There's an online giving page you can add as a sub-page to a section of your website.  The online giving page we've developed is integrated with the transaction processing services of a company called EFTPlus®.  The first step to set up online giving for you site is to sign up for EFTPlus® by clicking >> [ecommerce] >> "setup" >> [Sign up Now].  You'll need the bank account information you want to use to recieve online giving deposits.  EFTPlus® will automatically transfer.  The fees for the basic account are 2.99% + $.45 per transaction, and it does not have any other setup or monthly fees.  EFTPlus® also offers Premium and Deluxe accounts with more features like one-time or automatically recurring monthly online EFT transaction processing from checking, savings accounts.  Click on the link below for more information about EFTPlus®. 

The second step to add online giving to your website is to create the online giving page using the Content Manager in the main menu of version 5.  To add the sub-page, you can click on one of the "+" icons next to one of the top level sections and then click on the option to add a page as a "child" of the section.  You can also add the online giving page by clicking on one of the "+" icons next to an existing sub-page.  The online giving page allows the giver to enter the amount they want to give.  There also an option to create a list of giving categories if you want givers to appropriate the funds for a specific ministry or purpose.  If you do not want to sign up for the EFTPlus® account, you should not use the online giving page we've developed because it can only be integrated with EFTPlus® accounts.